Healthy vegan pizza


I LOVE pizza. But while being so conscious about my body and trying to give the best nutrients for it I really have had some hard times being such a pizza lover. I never actually thought I could be eating a home made pizza with such a good conscience before I created this recipe. It contains about 270 kcals per serving and I would easily eat two of these for lunch or dinner and one would be like a snack-sized portion. One will do as lunch or dinner as well if you serve it with some fresh salad. I wrote down the excact amounts of the ingredients but you certainly don’t have to weigh them if you are not counting your macros!




2 servings

2 gluten-free pita breads (I used Bfree)
2 tbsp Polpa Mutti chopped tomatoes
garlic powder, dried basil, salt
20 g Violife original flavor Block ”cheese”
30 g sun-dried tomatoes
20 g fresh red peppers
15 g champions
10 g black beans
10 g cannellini beans

30 g hummus
½ avocado
some mixed seeds and fresh basil

Macros for 1 serving : 275 kcal, 35 g carbs, 7 g proteins, 10 g fats

Season 2 table spoons of chopped tomatoes with some garlic, basil and salt. Spread the sauce on the pitas and sprinkle the vegan cheese over the tomato sauce. Slice the sun-dried tomatoes, champions and peppers and layer them on the pitas. Rinse the beans and add them on top. Heat the oven at 250 degrees (celsius). Bake the pizzas for 8-10 minutes. Finish the pizzas with fresh basil, sliced avocados, hummus and mixed seeds. Enjoy!


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